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Real Estate and Development Law
Zoning and Land Use

A major facet of our real estate development expertise involves analyzing, pursuing and securing proper zoning for projects ranging from large-scale planned developments to home additions. Our attorneys have successfully pursued zoning relief in the City of Chicago and in surrounding suburbs; we have obtained planned development zoning approvals, special uses, changes in zoning classification, zoning variations, exceptions, and other relief.

We have analyzed complex zoning issues prior to purchase when representing real estate buyers conducting due diligence investigations. Our attorneys have significant government experience that helps us provide clients with strong expertise in the political and community aspects of securing zoning approvals as well as in the nuts-and-bolts legal and procedural aspects.

By analyzing the zoning issues up front and developing a strategy for success before meeting with the Alderman, Department of Zoning or community groups, we save our clients time and money because we provide clarity to all concerned parties about exactly what zoning relief is needed, if any, and about how the project will benefit its neighborhood.

We take great pride in our responsiveness to clients, government officials and community members in zoning matters, where clear and timely communication is often the difference for a project's success.